CALLING MASTERS | Pitch The Panel – Live!


Struggling to hit quota? Feeling frustrated with missed sales? Calling Masters will equip you with the skills and strategies to dramatically raise your cold calling game.

In this sixth, and final, episode of our Calling Masters series in partnership with Lead Forensics, we’re putting your cold calling skills to the test! Four brave sales reps dialled into the webinar and pitched live to our expert panel, where they received instant, personalised feedback. Tune in and pick up game-changing cold calling tips by witnessing the participants’ techniques and the panel’s feedback.

Our panel features:
Marco Alfano-Rogers – Sales Director at Air Marketing
Erik Pollitt – Training Consultant at Air Sales Academy

Gracie-May Bryan – Campaign Operations Manager at Air Marketing

Joe Duccarreaux – Brand Awareness Manager at Lead Forensics

Who is it for?
Founders & CEOs
Sales & Marketing Leaders
Revenue Leaders
Sales & Marketing Managers
Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)
Business Development Representatives (BDRs)

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