Six Telemarketing Myths Debunked

The telemarketing industry carries with it some pretty strong stereotypes, which is unfortunate for one of the most direct routes to market with a huge amount of results to back it up.

Additionally, and as a consequence of stereotyping, there are several negative myths which are associated with telemarketing. As a company that sees our clients get great results out of telemarketing campaigns, we’ve set out to debunk these and explore why they really are just myths.

Telemarketing calls always use scripts

Sticking to strict scripts does not result in conversations that are tailored to each and every individual on the phone.

Although there may be some structure to the calls, a strict script is not adhered to, enabling real conversations that adapt to the prospect’s needs.

There’s no emotion, each call is just a number

With no emotion, and with people on the phones that didn’t care, we wouldn’t get much done. Each call isn’t just a call; it’s a conversation which looks in to pain points and reasons why a service or product might help someone.

This therefore requires a deeper and emotional understanding that goes beyond statistics.

Complex products can’t be sold over the phone

This all comes down to training. We would agree that without the right training, no product can be sold over the phone.

If you’re looking to work with an outsourced telemarketing supplier, it’s important to understand that full training is carried out in order for telemarketers to be confident on what they’re talking about.

At Air, we work on a vast range of products, which means we have to be seriously clued up on the details of each and what they could potentially offer a prospect.

Inexperienced staff that don’t stick around

The phrase ‘call centre’ brings with it connotations which surround the idea of young and inexperienced staff members who leave not long before their seat is warm.

At Air, we have ex-directors, business owners and sales professionals from a variety of backgrounds, spanning a wide age range.

Dishonest or aggressive methods

Telemarketers hammer the phones, they’re aggressive and their practices are dishonest, with some assuming information about the prospect.

A powerful myth and again, one that is far from true. Before any campaign, we at Air ensure that our data is as clean as possible with the right information and that we adhere to any TPS registers.

Cold calling is dead

And this is the biggest myth of them all. There is an ongoing debate which is based on the concept that cold calling just doesn’t work anymore.

This simply isn’t true. What’s more, the results from both telemarketing and multi-channel marketing campaigns proving this ideology wrong every year.

In fact, our clients made an average return last year of £18 ROI for every £1 they spent.

Air Marketing Group – Nurturing prospects is a large part of what we do

We don’t throw mud at a wall and hope some of it sticks; we look to nurture leads to encourage conversions.

We’re passionate about the way we work with your business. We’ll ensure that any questions or uncertainties you may have surrounding a campaign with us are answered.

Get in touch today or call 0345 241 3038.

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