Questions to ask an outsourced telemarketing supplier

It’s great to see our clients reaping the benefits of telemarketing to increase sales revenue and generate quality leads. But, we know how important it is to ensure we are completely transparent with them to develop a great client – supplier relationship.

If you’re considering working with an outsourced supplier for your telemarketing campaigns, it’s important to get it right. You want to trust them and most importantly, know that you will achieve a solid return on investment.

Before you make your final decision, we cover questions that you can ask your potential supplier to make the most out of your telemarketing campaigns.

1. Do you understand our key goals for the campaign?

Both you as the client and the supplier need to be clear on where you see the campaign going. There’s no point in running a campaign if you don’t have set goals that are clear to everyone.

2. What sort of results should we expect from the campaign?

If you aren’t sure what your goals should be, ask your potential supplier what they would suggest. They are experts in their field, and can therefore guide you on what you can expect. This should include expected call numbers, contact rates and expected conversion rates.

3. How long should we run the campaign for?

There is no definitive answer for this, but again it’s a great question to ask. Companies can compare other campaigns of a similar nature, or they may have an initial setup phase which then develops further over a longer or set time period.

In fact, we discuss this in one of our latest blogs.

4. Which clients have you worked with who are similar to us?

If the supplier has worked with other clients in your industry, you can glean ideas and research on what may or may not work for your company. This can also work for their previous clients of a similar size to yours. Remember, you can always ask to speak to their clients to get a reference too.

5. Who will be my first point of contact?

A great supplier will provide you with a first point of contact. This could be in the form of a dedicated account manager. Should something go wrong, or if you need to change parts of the campaign, it’s reassuring to have someone you know is on the end of the phone to help.

6. Who will make the calls and where are they based?

It’s a reality of our industry that there are many different models. Outsourcing calls to agents who work from home or from overseas can keep costs down but ask yourself, is this how you want your brand to be reflected? Furthermore, ask whether you’ll have access to the callers. Will you meet them and have a relationship with them directly?

7. How will I be updated on how the campaign is going?

No one likes being left in the dark by outsourced suppliers. You need to know that you will have regular updates on your campaign including those all-important statistics such as call hours, conversion rates, lead generated and more.

8. How will you ensure that you have researched in to our product and industry enough?

Your brief may be detailed, but how do you know that your supplier is going to be confident enough on the phone to discuss your product? Ask them how they aim to stay knowledgeable on your product portfolio and industry. It’s crucial as a telemarketing supplier that the work carried out is adapted to your company.

From product information to conversations on the phone, an outsourced telemarketing supplier should work with you to setup and develop campaigns bespoke to your organisation.

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