10 Point Checklist: How to Brief a Telemarketing Agency

Each and every outsourced campaign brings with it a different client briefing. Some may be efficient and give the telemarketers the tools they need to produce results, and some may see a few implications further down the line from a rushed briefing process.

If you’re looking at briefing a telemarketing agency for an up and coming campaign, there are a few elements that you need to be completing in order to run an effective outbound operation.

So, without further ado, here is our 10 point checklist that can help your business when briefing the telemarketing agency you’re working with.

1. Regular Communication

Ask your telemarketing agency how often you’ll be in touch. Dropping communication can lead to potential opportunities to improve the campaign being missed.

Suggest a guideline, perhaps every couple of days, where you speak to the account manager to stay up to date.

2. Monitor and Review

Regular communication also helps you to monitor and review what’s happening with the campaign.
Ask your agency how they are monitoring what’s happening on the campaign, and what their review process is in order to check changes are being made where necessary.

3. Set and Evaluate Targets

Work with your telemarketing agency to set targets for the timescale of your campaign. And, look deeper in to whether these are realistic based on your industry.

Both KPI and team targets can help you to give the agency you work with an extra push to hit those all important objectives of the campaign.

4. Set Key Messaging

Without discussing the messaging that will be communicated over both verbal and non-verbal channels, you may get different callers with different ideas of what the messaging should be.

Be concise with the messaging, making this clear to your provider. And, take out any unnecessary add-ons or information that will confuse a prospect rather than advise.

5. Outline Product Benefits

You and the agency should on the same page when it comes to what benefits are being promoted during telemarketing calls.

Provide them with any information that might support the benefits of your product and service. For example, a results statistic, testimonial or case studies.

6. Define Audience Pain Points

Continuing on from the benefits, inform the telemarketing agency of what pain points your target audience have and how your product answers these.

Think about the perception of the audience; advise the agency on why your company is the best solution for problems they are experiencing.

7. Set Audience Action

Brief the telemarketing agency on what you want the audience to do. Be part of a meeting? Will this be over the phone? Face to face? What is the booking process?

Tell the agency exactly what the prospect needs to do, in order for a successful sale or meeting to be made.

8. Outline Profiling Questions

You know your perfect buyer, but does your telemarketing provider? Look to set up profiling questions that callers might ask in order to define whether a prospect is the right fit.

The better information both the agency and sales team has on the prospect, the better they can assess the needs and wants of that potential buyer.

9. Seek Relevant Data

Whether you or the telemarketing provider is supplying the data for the campaign, it will need to be accurate and relevant to your target audience in order to justify seeing any results.

10. Set Meeting Quality Guidelines

If the outsourced agency is booking appointments or setting meetings, you need to let them know what an ideal lead looks like.

Quality beats quantity every time, so avoid setting meeting targets without knowing how a quality lead may look.

Outsourcing your telemarketing to an agency may come about for a number of reasons; Lack of skill, lack of time, or simply because you would rather set your sights on other operations within your business.

Whatever the reason, the campaign setup and briefing are crucial to ensure effective results and, of course, a better return on investment for you.

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