A day in the life of a Business Development Executive

At Air Marketing Group, our Business Development Executives are a busy bunch of people who are crucial to the running of our campaigns.

We caught up with some of them, to find out exactly what it is that they get up to on a daily basis. So, if you’re looking to start a new role with us and you’d like to know more, or you wondered what goes on behind the scenes of campaigns – look no further.

Core Tasks

The following are the core tasks that the BDEs at Team Air carry out:

• Checking emails in the morning

• Staying up to date with clients/customers/products – each BDE ensures that they are in the know with the products and services that are being talked about on the phone

• Building a pipeline – building and monitoring a pipeline for each client is important, to understand what works and what doesn’t for the campaigns we run

• Following up qualified leads – Each lead that is contacted, whether by email or by phone, is qualified and we ensure that they are followed up

• Generating sales – telesales campaigns are a large part of what we do, so of course generating sales is high on the agenda as well as generating leads that are likely to convert in to sales

• Consulting campaign managers – this can be for a variety of reasons; updates on campaigns, new hot prospects, feedback on calls and more. This ensures we are all on the same page as well as encouraging constant improvement to campaigns

• Participating in general meetings (internal and client training/campaign setup meetings)

• Supporting other BDEs – this could be with campaign work or with feedback on calls

• Answering the phone to multiple campaigns simultaneously

• Reporting previous day’s issues to the campaign manager

We also asked one of our Senior Business Development Executives, Beth, what a typical day for her looked like.

‘On a Monday morning we are all in for 8:30. We have a team meeting with Owen where we can catch up on budget and targets for the week for clients and the business. We discuss campaigns, their success or where we need to improve. We often cover training aspects as well. Then it’s onto the phones!

Most of our days are spent speaking over the phone; generating sales, leads or appointments for our clients. Our campaigns are varied covering a range of businesses; each tailored both the industry and the prospect we are speaking with.

The office is a self- autonomous environment where we chose our own lunch breaks so we can work around the best calling times for client campaigns. So, after a sandwich and 45 minutes, it’s back to the phones!

There’s always time set aside when you learn a new campaign and the Campaign Manager will keep you up-to-date with the campaigns you’re on. Account Managers keep you up-to-date with your statistics throughout the week. The day then finishes around 5pm.’

Air Marketing Group

We hope that gives you a good insight in to what our Business Development Executives get up to during their day.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, do give us a call on or get in touch here. You can also find a bit more about each individual who works at #TeamAir on our team page.

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