What can telemarketing do for my brand?

If you’re talking for the first time on the phone to a contact, there’s a lot of pressure to make a great first impression. From tone to use of language, there are several elements needed to get it right. Which is why, if you’re representing a company, this comes under the branding umbrella.

The way in which you present yourself on the phone is representative of your brand, as the individual on the other end will associate the conversation (and you) with the business.

What’s important on every call, every campaign, every point of contact, is that your company is being represented the way in which you want your brand to be portrayed.

But, what can a good call do for the brand? How can telemarketing help to influence the way in which an individual feels about your business?

After all, a brand isn’t tangible; it’s how someone thinks of your business.

We look at answering the questions above, focussing on the benefits of telemarketing on branding to ensure your business is seen in a way that fits in with your brand values.

Add a personable element

Prospects can read about your brand online, in a brochure or an email, but it doesn’t have the same effect as speaking to someone about it.

You can give emotion, tone and a different feel to the business just by speaking to an individual, rather than them reading copy.

Telemarketing means a direct response immediately which is completely adapted for those that you’re speaking to. At that moment it is all about that particular prospect, giving a super-personable and attentional approach – promoting a positive brand image.

Boost awareness of you and your products

Brand awareness is crucial. This goes beyond awareness of what the products or services are, but the qualities of the products, and how they may appear.

Not only will a telemarketing call give you the opportunity to provide information on your company and the offerings, but also a chance to increase brand awareness. Consequently, this improves the chances of that individual being able to recall or recognise your brand.

Create an impression

Introducing a business or product can be a difficult task, and first impressions count. Using telemarketing or speaking to a prospect about your company allows you to be completely in control of this first impression, tailoring the conversation solely to that prospect.

People really do buy from people. They buy from brands and individuals that they trust. Not only do our daily phone calls provide information and promote the products and services, but they stay consistent with the brand tone and values of our clients.

To find out more about our campaigns or how we can help your business through telemarketing, call us on 0345 241 3038 or get in touch.

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