Why is it important to invest in marketing?

To put it bluntly, if you don’t invest in marketing, you won’t make progress. You may have the next big product, but without any marketing activity you will reach a standstill. From small start-ups to big corporations, every type of business in every industry can benefit from the increased brand awareness and heightened sales that marketing activity can bring. You only have to look to major companies, such as Apple, to see big business returns that come from one simple tactic – make a great product and market it well.

We know that sales are important to business success and that marketing is often an afterthought, or an add on when times are good, however with at Roots to Market, we combine sales and marketing. We call it marketing with a sales attitude and we provide sustainable brand awareness and delivery of marketing qualified leads.

What can marketing do for you?

  • Increase sales – When you invest in marketing your business, you invest in your business success and future profitability. Customers like to absorb information about a product as they make their way through the buyer journey, so it is key that you advertise your products or services. Using these advertisements, you can test, measure and refine your offering very quickly. This allows you to tightening your marketing efforts and, ultimately, obtain better results.
  • Raise brand awareness – Raising awareness is vital, so don’t be dismayed if sales aren’t instant. Customers may see an advert many times before they make a purchase but without putting marketing materials out there, they won’t see you at all. The markets are crowded, so it’s vital to make yourself heard.
  • Understand your metrics – Even if a campaign doesn’t reap amazing returns instantly, it will have provided you with vital data which will, in time, put you in the position to grow your sales. From understanding how much to bid on an advert, to how long your average customer takes to buy, understanding your metrics is key.
  • Build trust – You wouldn’t trust a total stranger with your money, would you? No, so why would a customer trust someone who has no presence? Customers will want to get to know you as a brand before even engaging with you, let alone making a purchase. The earlier you market your business, the longer your audience will have to follow your story and buy into the brand.

At Roots we have the advantage of being closely aligned to our sister company, Air Marketing Group, who specialise in outsourced B2B sales. Born from a sales environment, we are a marketing agency with a sales attitude and our results speak for themselves. Unlike other marketing agencies, we don’t solely focus on the ‘fluffy’ aspects of marketing. Whilst we know that those elements are important to build you up as a business, we integrate proven marketing tactics into activity to achieve not only brand awareness but also marketing qualified leads, including targeted content creation, intelligent direct marketing and lead scoring, so that you know exactly where prospects are in your pipeline and how likely they are to convert.

So, how can our marketing services help you? Here are just a handful of examples:

  • Social Media – Having a social media presence is a sure-fire way to grow brand awareness. As consumers are turning to social media and the internet to conduct their own research before making a purchase, it is vital that you have an online profile of some kind, even if it is just a space to push company news and updates. In fact, 91% of marketeers say that they noticed an increased in their brand visibility by spending a few hours a week on social media. We know how to get you started and implement a social media plan that gets you to where you need to be, a recent client saw a growth of 3122% in their prospect reach on Facebook.
  • Email Marketing – Email is a faithful friend of ours. Whilst some people may see it as a dated means of communication, now that many companies are investing spend in social media marketing, 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email. Email marketing is an adaptable and engaging way of communicating with potential and current clients. Whether you are looking to introduce yourself or nurture warm leads, email marketing is a direct way of getting your product in front of those you want to see it. Our team will get you seen, in a recent email campaign, for a client looking to target the health sector, we beat the industry average open rate and secured them 50 opportunities to nurture.
  • Marketing strategy planning and implementation – In order to get your business to where you want it to be, it is vital that you have a plan in place. According to Professor Richard Rumelt, there are 3 key elements to reaching your goal; diagnosis (what is the challenge you are facing), guiding policy (how will you deal with the challenge) and coherent action (what will be done to achieve this). We can help you come up with a solid plan that will gain tangible results for your business, in fact we did just that for our sister company, Air. With a marketing strategy in place that was implement by us, they saw a growth of 245% in just their second year of trading.

If you’re looking to invest in intelligent marketing that drives tangible results, get in touch with Roots to Market today. Call 01392 796 702 or email contact@roots2market.co.uk

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