Why we’ve refreshed our brand

Our journey from a start-up to established agency has been filled with so many challenges and like any business that’s grown quickly, from a standing start it’s also been filled with a lot of change. Looking around at our team, our offices and our client base, it’s clear to see how far we’ve come as a business. But in the midst of all this change, there was one thing that had remained a constant; our brand.

We’ve actually had the same branding since our launch in March 2016. And there’s no doubt that our brand has served us well, especially in the early days when we were a small team and still building our culture and defining who we served as a business. But now feels like the right time for a change. We’re no longer a new business or a start-up but an established business with a strong track record in delivering for start-ups, SMEs and household names. To accurately convey the breadth and value of our services, the progression in our business journey and service offerings and compete with our esteemed competition, we need our brand to represent who we are today and show the value we deliver for businesses in all industries.

Introducing our new brand. Our brand now more accurately represents a more mature Air and shows how much we’ve grown since those early days. We’re now far more experienced and have valued long-term client relationships and amazing success stories that are a testament to the talents of our team. Our team represents a diverse blend of sales talent, and we wanted that to shine through in our brand refresh. It’s their hard work, dedication and commitment to delivering more for our clients that has driven our success and growth over the years.

Our brand has been developed from identifying our main archetype alongside 2 wing archetypes. A bit like a character in films and tv, ‘the hero, the villain, the lover’, an archetype aligns to certain business and brand characteristics. Our main archetype is The Hero, this archetype imbues the brand with strength and momentum, inspiring internal teams while also giving clients the confidence to trust in the process. Alongside this we one of our wing archetypes is The Magician, this archetype plays up the data, information, and skillset of Air, showing that with a little magic we can pull sales, leads or untapped markets out of ‘thin air’. And the final wing archetype is The Sage, this archetype shows strength in humility and demonstrates dependability, knowledge, insight, and support.

Then there are our services. We’ve grown from a telemarketing agency into a comprehensive outsourced sales and marketing solution, where we offer everything from demand generation and marketing support to complete end to end sales campaigns, SDR as a service and lead generation. Since 2018 we’ve worked with our Sister company, Roots to Market, to design multichannel campaigns that build brand, drive awareness and deliver opportunities to our clients.

We’ve chosen a brand refresh rather than a complete rebrand because we’re already established in the market and people recognise the name ‘Air’. It means a lot to us as a name and an identity and we’ve worked hard for that recognition.  There’s so much of the existing brand that we’re proud of and want to preserve as we start our next chapter.

Air Founder & CEO, Owen Richards, is excited to launch the new brand, “I can’t wait to share the refreshed look as it represents a step-change in how we communicate our services and more sophisticated and mature Air. You will see something new and different from us, as we launch our new website, which has a fresh and modern look and feel, conveys our breadth of expertise and tells fantastic client stories that show exactly how our brilliant team helps businesses achieve their sales ambitions”. Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments. If you’d like to hear more about our services and how we can help you accelerate your sales success going in 2021, get in touch today and we’ll guide you through the process: call 0333 250 3217 or email contact@air-marketing.co.uk.

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