ON AIR: With Owen Featuring Kaitlen Kelly – Senior Manager of Sales Development – EMEA at Outreach

Introducing our 17th episode of ON AIR: With Owen – our latest interview video series with honest conversation about scaling revenue, hosted by our Founder & CEO, Owen Richards.

Our 17th guest is Kaitlen Kelly – Senior Manager of Sales Development – EMEA at Outreach, and Co-Founder of SDRs Anonymous

Owen and Kaitlen discuss sales development management. Including: 

  • What a Sales Development Manager is responsible for 
  • The percentage of time spent team coaching 
  • The traits of a good sales coach 
  • Whether you can be a good SDR Manager without having been an SDR within the organisation before (or at all!) 
  • Advice for SDRs who want to become an SDR Manager and whether it’s right for everybody 
  • The biggest impact that Kaitlen has had as an SDR Manager 
  • How much time and effort should be spent on each channel 
  • The importance of using data to discover where your SDRs’ strengths are 
  • Whether SDRs should self-generate data more than being given data to target 
  • Whether it’s better to: 
    • Have quality or quantity focused SDRs 
    • Have a people and culture focused or process focused SDR Manager
    • Give up LinkedIn, phone or email (if Kaitlen had to choose one) 
    • Have company or individual set targets 
  • How much time should be spent on SDR development and the type of training Kaitlen finds works best 
  • Kaitlen’s favourite sales tool outside of Outreach 
  • What a good onboarding process looks like 
  • Encouraging your SDRs to fail quick to learn faster 
  • How an SDR Manager can use systems and processes to ensure SDRs are shaping their day correctly 
  • Common challenges for SDRs that Kaitlen sees within SDR Anonymous 

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