LIVE Roundtable: How To Structure A Killer B2B Cold Call

We’re hosting our seventh live roundtable as part of our NEW annual content series, around setting up an outbound sales function.

Get ideas, inspiration and advice from our panel of experts, who will share and discuss their own experiences and open the floor to questions from the audience.

In April we announced that we will be going live every month for the next 12 months, chatting about all topics relating to outbound sales and the stages of building a team.

We’ll be answering your questions around (but not limited to) how to:
1. Introduction – Your first impression and the way you start the call is critical
2. Pitch – Telling your prospect why you’re calling and what you have to offer
3. Transition to questioning/discovery – Often a missed part of the cold call
4. Discovery/questions – The part where you uncover whether there is a good fit between your offering and your prospect’s situation
5. Objection handling – How you respond to questions and objections will define your success, so how do you overcome these?
6. Close/wrap up – If you don’t ask, you don’t get. So how do you close for the meeting?

Owen Richards – Founder & CEO at Air Marketing

Marco Alfano-Rogers – Sales Director at Air Marketing
Jonathan Finch – Director of Group Sales at Sales Geek
Alex Shrimpton – Enterprise Sales Manager at Infinity

Who is it for?
Sales Professionals (BDEs, BDRs, SDRs, Sales Leaders/Managers)
Revenue Leaders

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