Small talk is a powerful thing

At Air Marketing Group, we make thousands of telemarketing calls every week for our clients. As a company that runs B2B telemarketing campaigns throughout the UK and overseas, this means it’s crucial to be prepped and ready to give the best possible customer service.

Part of this service we offer is ability to know conversations. We don’t just mean selling, but having the knowledge and know-how to understand what works best on the phone.

This includes small talk. It’s easy when you’re not on the phone, or out with friends, but when you’re in telemarketing it takes on a whole different angle.

We like to build empathy, and a connection. This gives us better relationships with prospects, and leads to conversations that make a difference.

For us, it’s taking time to know what works when it comes to small talk. So, we’ve put together the following tips based on real conversations that we’ve had, which can help to boost the relationships being built on the phone.

1. Be confident

Confidence leads to a conversation without the umming and aahing. Don’t second guess yourself, but at the same time avoid being overly forceful.

Hesitation means you question yourself, which in turn means the prospect you’re talking to isn’t convinced. Speak with confidence, ensuring you sound clear and concise.

2. Prepare

That old age saying, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Building relationships doesn’t happen off the cuff, so prepare for conversations that develop such rapport.

3. Take an interest

Small talk relates heavily to taking an interest in that person, their company or what they do. In the business world, it can also relate to understanding their problems on a deeper level.

Ask open questions to gain an insight in to the person you’re speaking to on the phone. If you don’t take an interest in them, they aren’t going to take an interest in you.

4. Relentless positivity

Our internal office motto. We have good calls, difficult calls, long calls and more, but whatever happens we seek to stick to the motto ‘relentless positivity’.

If you stay upbeat and positive (no matter how hard!), you’ll see it come through in call recordings and results. No one bought anything off of someone with a negative attitude.

5. Humour

There isn’t anything wrong with a little humour. We don’t mean that your call has to be all stand up jokes, but humour keeps the conversation positive.

6. Story Telling

Story telling helps to break down barriers in conversation and gives you an opportunity to give real life, tangible examples as to how you can help someone or what you do.

We know good conversation. Each and every call we make is adapted to the prospect at the other end of the phone, ensuring that we say the right things.

How can our conversations help your business to generate sales? Find out today by contacting us here or calling us on 0345 241 3038.

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