Leads, I hear you say?

It’s no surprise that when clients begin working with us, and throughout our partnership, their top concern is leads and building a strong pipeline. Even though leads are important, they are only worthwhile if they are of good quality. So, whilst businesses may want to generate leads as quickly as possible and build that pipeline over a short period of time, at Air our top priority is reminding prospects and clients that this takes time. Quality leads don’t appear overnight.


When a client begins working with us, the first step is to put a defined strategy in place, including an in-depth criterion which highlights what a quality lead looks like to the client. Ultimately, we can sit and dial as many people as a prospect would like us to, but if we don’t fully understand their target audience and we therefore ring unqualified data, the leads won’t convert – they may not even appear.

In order to help both us and our clients fully understand what defines a quality lead, we’ll sit down and discuss the target audience. There are a number of defining factors we would look at to qualify leads, including:

  • Budget
  • Contract Length
  • Seniority of Decision Maker
  • Geography
  • Industry
  • Company Size


In order to make sure that the defined lead qualification criteria are adhered to, we implement various processes following on from our initial conversation. Perhaps the most important one being training.

Training is central to everything we do at Air, as we understand that by investing time into growing the overall knowledge of our team, we will produce higher return for our clients. Each individual has the same access to training on a client campaign and an individual training budget for anything else they feel they need, whether that’s confidence, gate keeper or closing training, for example. With everyone working from the same level of training, we know that understanding is uniform, and leads are quality guaranteed.

For general campaign training, we welcome input and love for our clients to visit the office and get involved – after all, if you want leads for your business, no one has more insight than those within it. From initial campaign training, to on-going training provided by our Account Directors and Executives throughout a campaign, we know that it is vital that everyone is on the same page, understanding exactly what qualifies a lead and ensuring that the correct channels of communication are in place if any changes arise.


From the get-go, we are transparent. You know exactly what stage we’re at and how your campaign is performing. We know that this is key to providing you with quality leads as you are able to provide us feedback throughout the campaign and work to fully optimise your results. In the same vein, we can also make suggestions as we go along and develop a strong, beneficial, two-way relationship that will provide you with a pipeline of quality leads. If you feel that you need help building and maintaining a strong pipeline of quality leads, get in touch today. Our expert team will work with you to fully understand your business before implementing a quality focused campaign. Call: 0345 241 3038 or email: contact@air-maketing.co.uk

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