Are you communicating the value of your business?

On a daily basis, prospects are bombarded with generic sales and marketing activity from businesses claiming to solve all of their problems and offer services that are tailor-made to suit their individual needs – but are businesses communicating their value to prospects, or are their voices drowning in a sea of sales noise?

Prospects can now find all of the information that they need to make a purchase online, be it through web searches or social media, so it is vital that all marketing activity has a clear message that stands out. With more tools than ever at their disposal, businesses should drive prospects through the sales pipeline with targeted marketing that engages, hooks and helps sales teams to convert them. The easiest way to do this? Simply tell your prospects how your product or service can be of value to them, as an individual.

At the end of the day, buyers are only interested in the value of a product or service – does it help them to achieve a goal or solve an issue? Whether you’re sending your prospects an email, speaking to them via telemarketing or directing them towards content that you have written, tell them exactly what you offer and how it solves their problems. Your offering may be ground breaking and exciting, but if you don’t communicate its value and how it can help them, they simply won’t be interested.

An inability to communicate their Value Proposition is one of the biggest inhibitors to businesses when looking to attract new customers and reach sales targets, with only 24% of organisations agreeing on the definition of their target audience. So how can you avoid that and make your value known?

  1. Understand your offering: Make sure that you and your sales team have a clear understanding of exactly what value your offering can bring to your prospects. If you and the people selling your product or service don’t understand the true value of a product, how will your prospects?
  2. Be customer-centric: Before even attempting to market your product or service and begin the sales process, it is vital that you know your target prospect inside and out – what are their pain points, industry, business size, etc. When you truly understand your target audience, your sales approach will appear more personal leading prospects to trust you and take the value of your offering seriously. This allows you to engage in proper conversations and address problems a potential customer may not be aware they were struggling against. By making every effort to show you understand them, you may just go that one step further than a competitor that they are also talking to.
  3. Hire well: If you want to demonstrate the value that your product brings, then you need to ensure that the right people are delivering this message. You need to attract, train and retain exceptional sales people. Ask yourself, would you trust your sales team if they were selling to you, do they engage you?
  4. Use the human voice: Encourage your team to use their voice well. By this we don’t mean having endless conversations but having quality, credible conversations. Are they assertive, demonstrating their knowledge with a confident voice? Or do they lack confidence and allow upwards inflection to creep into their voice and make it sound like they are questioning what they know? If the sales person sounds doubtful in the value of your product or service, the prospect simply isn’t going to buy into what you’re selling.

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