LIVE Event: The Great Sales Debate – Outsourced SDR Vs. In-House SDR

Join us for our LAST live event of 2022, in our popular series ‘The Great Sales Debate’. Watch as we bring together some of the top sales and revenue leaders from around the world, to argue their cases in controversial sales and marketing disputes.

This month’s topic is: Outsourced SDR Vs. In-house SDR

Everybody has an opinion, most have chosen a side. Our panellists have tried and tested in their field, they have their favourite and they’re ready to battle it out…

Fighting for team ‘Outsourced’ we have:
Luke James – Founder & Director at 4Marketing
Marco Alfano-Rogers – Sales Director at Air Marketing

And on team ‘In-House’ we have:
Benjamin DennehyThe UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer®
Matt Milligan – Co-Founder at Uhubs

Sitting in the cross-fire and chairing the debate is our very own Founder & CEO, Owen Richards.

Who is it for?
Sales Leaders
Revenue Leaders
Sales Managers
Sales Development Representatives

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