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Our client in the SaaS industry helps UK companies apply for Series A funding and prepare for significant growth as risk-free as possible through an intense, expert-led training programme.

Using an in-depth syllabus and providing long-term support, they facilitate the development of credible business plans and investor propositioning, giving CEOs and Founders the confidence to successfully scale their businesses.

Our client came to us because whilst their offering was incredibly strong, they didn’t have the time and expert resources to market their services optimally to their target audience. Having attempted to do this in-house and not achieved the results they were hoping for, they were looking for a trusted partner who could take on the project and open doors with key decision makers within their target niche. That’s where we came in – following a referral through a mutual contact at a trusted SaaS company, Air Marketing quickly got to work.


A winning strategy using a collaborative approach between sales and marketing services, Air produced and implemented a full marketing and sales strategy combining SDR outreach, email marketing, social media marketing and user journey consultancy. This end-to-end strategy saw marketing and sales working in perfect harmony.

  • The marketing team ensured all messages were consistent across all social and digital channels, nurturing leads with relevant content including an education-focused email campaign, content marketing and HubSpot integration.
  • These efforts were fed back directly to the SDR team through the handing over of MQLs and hot leads from marketing’s social and email campaigns.
  • Coupled with direct outreach, the SDR team were able to work responsively and in tune with marketing to identify the most qualified leads.

Our Response...

Growing trust and delivering results

This project was intense but rewarding, producing lots of positive feedback from our client. In the three months it took to deliver the campaign, we provided the required numbers to run the next cohort, and were also able to furnish our clients with tons of valuable data to utilise for future cohorts and campaigns.



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