Brad King B&W

Bradley King

Account Manager

A little bit of background info

I have a plethora of experience spanning over 10 years working in both B2B and B2C sales and account management.  I am committed to self-development, through my ability to learn quickly has led to success in all of positions I have held. I have developed not only a valuable skill set to work from, but an equally strong mind set to perform at my best and bring my “best self” to work. My fulfilment within my job role comes from seeing the team succeed. Success is a team game. I am a massive believer in the ‘Value in – Value out’ mantra. I am a big sports fan whether that be football, rugby, running, golf and much more – I do play football at least twice a week and support the best team in London (Chelsea)!


A little bit about your current role

There are many aspects of this job role that interests me – being able to sit, support and monitor campaigns along with Account Managers, Account Directors and Campaign Managers to spot opportunities of growth across the business, to include marketing services and recruitment.

Retention is a massive part of the business that interests me; supporting accounts and working across campaigns to give feedback to clients and our team through monitoring granular stats closely with team leaders to spot opportunities of development in the team. Being able to feed the delivery team information on performance to ensure we can get the best response and results for our client. Ensuring that our clients are given the best level of service by providing clarity and communication so they have a clear picture of what is happing in the background and developments; and have sight daily of what we are doing and achieving in our day to help them achieve their commercial goals will ensure that we can deliver the best experience and results.