Client Portal Demonstration

Air Marketing Group’s Client Portal means you have access to your campaign results, any time of day, on any device, through a simple login.

Campaign Overview

Your portal dashboard shows a campaign overview, allowing you to view your key campaign statistics including decision maker conversations, average conversion rates, calls per hour and the number of contacts who have been spoken to.

Appointments Generated

View a weekly breakdown of the statistics including hours worked and appointments generated, including the campaign total so far. This shows you a clear breakdown week on week, so you can not only get an overview, but compare your results over a specific time period.

Conversion Rate

Check out your conversion rate, showing you the percentage of decision makers and conversations that are converted to a sale, lead or appointment. You can check the conversation rate each week, as well as looking at the average total for your whole campaign.

Daily Activity

You can see calls we’re making in live time in the ‘Activity Today’ tab. Check how many calls have been made, the amount of decision makers we’ve spoken to, no. of appointments made that day as well as stats on those who aren’t interested or do not qualify. Your daily activity reporting is updated constantly, so you are never behind on what’s going on in your campaign.

In the outcome summary area of the portal, you’ll also see all the reason breakdowns giving you feedback on your product or service where a prospect isn’t interested. This allows you to look into varied and constructive reasons for no interest, instead of just a yes or no.


By clicking on appointments in the header of your portal, you’ll see information on your booked meetings and any leads that have been generated. Additionally, the appointments tab gives you information on your booked prospects including call notes so you know all the relevant appointment details.


If you’ve got any questions, just click the campaign manager tab to get in touch. Your dedicated campaign manager will be happy to answer any queries you may have surrounding the portal or your campaign.

With live updates, Air Marketing Group’s easy-to-use client portal gives you transparent reporting so you know what’s going on at all times. The portal includes all the need-to-know statistics in one place. Get in touch today or call 0345 241 3038.

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