What’s missing in your sales and marketing mix?

Presented by Air Marketing Group Managing Director, Owen Richards, and Sales Director, Simon Scott-Nelson, in association with The Institute of Sales Management.


A multi-touch, multi-channel sales and marketing process will always prove the most successful. Yes, that means cold calling and social both and can work seamlessly. But how do they integrate and how do you ensure success?

This webinar will be focused on the full spectrum of sales and marketing mix available. Taking you right through the customer journey and how to ensure prospects remain engaged.

Should you be doing a bit of everything? Or are you better doing a small amount really well? And if you’re only going to embark on an ambitious sales and marketing plan, what are the options that give you the biggest return?

But what happens when the prospect disappears of the face of the earth? Or if an MQL doesn’t qualify to an SQL? Or even once a prospect becomes a customer. How do you build a process that maximizes your revenue opportunities across the customer or buyer journey?

Key takeaways

• Which channels are you forgetting?
• Which channels do you need to explore further?
• Where are your customers?
• How are you ensuring every engagement has the maximum opportunity to produce the most value?
• Where’s the hole in your marketing and sales process?
• How to successfully integrate sales and marketing processes, to deliver revenue

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