ON AIR: With Owen Episode 61 Featuring Conrad Ford – Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Allica Bank

Introducing our 61st episode of ON AIR: With Owen – our latest interview video series with honest conversation about scaling revenue, hosted by our Founder & CEO, Owen Richards.

Our 61st guest is Conrad Ford, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Allica Bank.

Owen and Conrad discuss selling into SMEs – the differences; the challenges; what works and what doesn’t.

– Why is it important to sell in a different way to SMEs?
– How SMEs are misunderstood and underrepresented in society
– The dos and don’ts of selling to SMEs
– Commons mistakes Conrad has made or seen made by others
– Spotting signals in data to talk to the right businesses, at the right time
– The defining factors of successful salespeople in SMEs compared to enterprise
– The need for ‘gravitas’ in enterprise sales
– Where does process come in when selling to SMEs?
– The evolution of CRM platforms
– What marketing teams can do to assist sales teams in selling to SMEs
– The resilience needed to work in the small business segment

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