Inside Sales – Inhouse vs. Outsourced Webinar

Presented by Owen Richards, Managing Director of Air Marketing Group, in association with The Institute of Sales Management.


Outsourcing your sales, lead generation or telemarketing activity can be a fantastic way to grow revenue. But why wouldn’t you simply grow an in-house team?

The reality is that both models can work well, but without the right systems and processes, both have many potential pitfalls.

In this webinar, we explore the potential risks, upsides, and downsides of in-house vs. outsourced, as well as analysing the differences in investment levels, time and resource.

You should watch this on-demand webinar if inside sales, telemarketing or lead generation is, or could be, part of your growth plans and if you’d like to learn more about which model is right for your business.

Key takeaways

• The benefits if both outsourcing your sales and lead gen
• How to choose the right outsourced sales partner – What to look for
• The benefits of building your own inside sales team
• How to setup and in-house Inside sales team successfully
• The investment level required for both models
• How to measure your investment and return
• Running a combined in-house/outsourced model

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