LIVE Roundtable: Choosing Your Outbound Channels & Sequences

We hosted our fourth roundtable as part of our NEW annual content series, around setting up an outbound sales function. Get ideas, inspiration and advice from our panel of experts, who share and discuss their own experiences and open the floor to questions from the live audience.

We’ll be going live every month until March 2022, chatting about all topics relating to outbound sales and the stages of building a team.


We answered questions around (but not limited to):

1. Why it’s important
2. Keep your customers’ needs at the centre of your decisions
3. Finding the parts of your sales cycle that need attention
4. Assessing which channels and tools meet your needs
5. Building an integrated tech stack
6. Getting started


Owen Richards – Founder & CEO at Air Marketing


Neil Clarke – Commercial Director at Air Marketing

Michael Hanson – Founder & CEO at Growth Genie

Kaitlen Kelly – Senior Manager of Sales Development at Outreach

Who is it for?

Founders, sales leaders, SDR Managers and revenue leaders.

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