Institute of Sales Management (ISM) Membership

Air Marketing Group (Air), an award-winning supplier of outsourced sales services, are delighted to announce group membership with The Institute of Sales Management (ISM), a not-for-profit organisation representing sales professionals in the UK and internationally.

“With quality assurance and professional development at the forefront of what we do, we are always looking for new methods of training. We are excited for this unique opportunity presented by The ISM to take our service delivery to the next level.”Owen Richards, Founder and CEO at Air.

“On 21st March 2019 I received my first email from Owen Richards as he replied from my invitation to participate within our Winning Edge Magazine. He replied with the words ‘Sure – Tell me more.’ From that spawned collaborations across not only our magazines, but also across our webinars and participation through the sponsorship of an award at BESMA. They have now taken their first step by recognising their staff through ISM Membership.”Adam Brook, Head of Marketing, ISM.

By supporting Air Business Development Executives, Team Leaders, Account Managers and the leadership team in their careers, we will be focused on further improving professional sales standards through access to our sales qualifications, networking opportunities, awards, practical information and advice.

Air and The ISM are looking forward to working together into 2020 and beyond – continuing to inspire sales professionals across the UK.

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