A moment of reflection as we begin our third year

If we look back to just over three years ago, Air Marketing Group as we know it today was still merely an idea, a business plan being written. When we were then up and running, it was out of a boardroom in someone else’s office, with three members of staff who were working tirelessly to secure us enough clients that would allow us to get to an office of our own.

I can remember walking down the street trying to have a phone conversation with prospects in-between other prospect meetings, battling to hear them over the sound of the wind and the traffic… Things have definitely changed now! It was an exciting time, definitely a stressful one, we didn’t really know what lay ahead of us and certainly didn’t predict the rapid growth that we would see in the coming year. In 2016, the vision was to employ 100 staff in 5 years, we’re 3 years in and already employing 60+ people, have moved offices three times and have ambitious plans for further growth in the coming year.

That’s not to say that the past three years have been without their challenges and setbacks. With rapid growth came a need to quickly hire staff and, to our frustration, that sometimes came at the cost of our team culture. In looking at our on-boarding of staff, we also looked to staff retention. As part of this growth journey, on a few occasions, we’ve acknowledged that the structures we had in place did not aid the size of company that we were becoming and that they didn’t allow for our driven team to progress as we would like them to. Since moving into offices of our own we have restructured four times to ensure that we are happy with the processes we have in place – this includes implementing a new Quality Assurance system and hiring an in-house Learning and Development team.

I don’t think that it is a weakness to look back and dwell on the challenges, quite the opposite. We grow from the hurdles that are placed in front of us and from the mistakes that we make along the way. They only make us stronger as a team and as a business. If we don’t look to them to better ourselves moving forwards then we are not being honest with ourselves.

If there is one thing that starting Air has taught me, it’s that it is important to have a strong team behind you. From day one, Air have sought to employ those who are driven, talented and can bring something different to the company – from Keryn and his Paralympic accolades to Verity, who brought marketing expertise and assisted the set up and management of our sister company, Roots to Market, and Marco, who rose to Client Services Director at just 24. It’s been a real privilege to watch Team Air grow with like-minded people who want to push the business forward. Having an inclusive and supportive team culture is vital to me and at any opportunity I show gratitude, from running weekly team meetings and incentives to nurturing our early hires and watching them rise through the ranks to management roles – allowing them to inspire new starters and those already wanting to develop their careers.

Looking to the future, I am excited to see where we go next. So far this year, we have already rolled out a flexible workers hiring campaign, launched our Partner Programme (we’ve already partnered with three local businesses) and won the Exeter Living Business Services Award.

I’m so proud of how far we have come in such a small period of time. My team continue to surprise and amaze me with their talents and competency – for the large part of the beginning of the year I was out of the office for the birth of my second child and the team still managed to secure an Ad Hoc contract with a major household name. With a team that are capable of such amazing successes, who knows where we will be in the next three years?

Owen Richards, Managing Director 

What are the benefits of outsourcing your B2B full cycle sales?

Running a business is a constant learning curve. It will always involve a juggling act, as one plan lands another will inevitably be up in the air. Sometimes, it pays to admit that you can’t do it all and look towards outsourcing to help.

At Air, our team are experts in outsourced business development. Our services offer you a powerful route to success, providing impressive ROI and your own ‘plug-in’ team. We’ve worked with all kinds of businesses, local and international, big and small,  from Funding Circle on a national scale to PAHS, a local client in Devon and also the likes of  Oxygen in Bermuda. We are an adaptable and dynamic company, offering an array of services including appointment setting, multilingual telemarketing and inside sales to name a few.

Are you ready to feel the benefit of working with us? Call us on 0345 241 3038 or email contact@air-marketing.co.uk, today!

Third time’s the charm

Last Thursday (March 7th), Air Marketing Group turned three years old. And what a three years it has been! From day one, we have been an ambitious company but looking back, we never could have anticipated the success we have been lucky enough to achieve. We’ve grown beyond expectations, worked with amazing household names, been nominated for national awards (BESMA and Amazon Growing Business) and won local awards (Express and Echo). At Air, we have one big force driving our success, our team.

Team Air are driven, dedicated, fun and absolutely the root of our success. They tirelessly work for our clients, undertaking in-depth training sessions, seeking feedback, visit our clients on location and basically becoming an extension of their team. There is never a dull moment in our office. Whether we’re celebrating an impressive set of weekly leads, taking part in brilliant buzz meetings or generally having a well-deserved laugh, there’s always something inspiring Team Air to push forwards. On our birthday you can bet there was a massive cake and a delicious party feast!

Team Air have supported the business from the get go and been involved in our growth from a team of 4 to now over 60! From working out of a boardroom, to three office moves, a major on-boarding of new talent, the establishing of our sister company, Roots to Market, and much more, they have always been our greatest cheerleaders. What an amazing way to recognise the hard work and journey of Team Air, than with our win at the Exeter Living Awards last week. Third time lucky, on our third birthday, in the third month it of the year – it seems 3 is our lucky number!

For Team Air, it means a lot to be listed as a finalist and to win an Exeter Living Award. It feels so fantastic to have our hard work recognised by our business peers. When our MD, Owen, moved back to the UK from Australia and brought the idea of Air with him, he soon discovered that Exeter would be a great place to base his company. It is a dynamic city that has so much untapped potential. Owen knew that there was talent in the city and that it afforded him with the opportunity to start a company with an engaging big city culture, in Devon where there was a better work life balance.

Since starting we have created over 60 jobs in the local community, established two new local businesses, brought business from all over the country and as far a field as Bermuda, given thousands to local charities and we aren’t looking to slow down anytime soon. It’s safe to say that we raised a few glasses of fizz at the awards night, here’s to the future of Team Air!

“What an amazing way to celebrate a wonderful growth year, for us. Our local community is important to us, so it’s great to be recognised locally by our peers. Congratulations must also go to the other finalists in our category; we were up against some amazing companies.” – Owen Richards, Managing Director

Telesales… It’s just double glazing and all that, isn’t it?

PPI, double glazing and timeshare apartments in Turkey. Hundreds of young staff, ‘battery hens’, on automatic redial with a career expected to span until the end of the week… If committed. I think that covers telesales, right? Oh, and “please, just take me off your list!”

Well, that may have been the image, one day, far back in the past. Although, I may still be doing the industry a big injustice and for that, I apologise. However, whether that was what the image of telemarketing was or whether it wasn’t, one thing is for sure… I certainly never expected it to be what I found when I walked into Air Marketing Group – the multi award winning outsourced business development, telesales and telemarketing services company in the heart of Exeter’s professional Southernhay district.

Any preconceptions that I had tucked up my sleeve were immediately out the window. I’ve spent my life in sales, working in a variety of industries including owning a small estate agency group and a clothes brand but what I have seen at Air marketing is second to none. They have completely opened my eyes to just how far away from my preconceived image of the industry was from the reality.

Organised, hyper-professional, driven, ambitious and all of that with a relaxed, engaging culture – that is Air. Air tackled my preconceptions from every angle, quickly showing me that they are a well-rounded outsourced sales team, an extension of any business that wants their own ‘instant plug-in’ to focus on selling their particular product or service. Without interruption, without variation, with a trained approach that best expresses their brand and one that is 100% recorded for quality control and training – all day every day if required.

Like I say, it just was not what I expected. If you couple this hive of focused sales activity which brings in 100’s of leads for clients such as Funding Circle and Beco Energy, with their sister marketing company ‘Roots to Market’, you can see the full sales cycle. From generating new enquiries to nurturing leads and then even to appointment closing and money taking, Air and Roots offer a complete sales and marketing funnel all under one roof.

If a company has an event to market, a service to sell into businesses or a product that requires a sales team to test the concept, it is now easier than ever to do this. At Air, we instantly, professionally and successfully demonstrate proven results and help companies to generate hundreds of thousands of pounds of revenue. I think that is something worth shouting about – as far as I can see, the image of telemarketing is changing, and Air is leading the way.

Here’s to working with such a forward-thinking, ground breaking, exciting and industry changing company and here is to the future of the ‘right’ telesales!

Opinion Piece by Simon Scott Nelson, New Business Manager

Modern Marketing is Visual, So Why Do We Need Words?

People prefer visual content. Attention spans are shortening. People don’t read anymore. At least, that’s what we’re told. So, do words really matter in modern marketing?

Words, of course, do matter. Language is still our primary form of communication, particularly when we have to put across information that needs any significant level of reasoning and interpretation.

The digital revolution has left us inundated with information. Attention is harder to earn and to keep and you have fewer words to get your message across. Doesn’t this mean that each word you choose matters more, not less?

Strangely, written content is usually the part of a website project that gets the least attention. Pictures, graphics and colours take up more meeting time than the tone, meaning or impact of the words that fill the spaces. And deadlines seem to matter more than quality when it comes to regular content publishing. Brands are missing important opportunities to be better connected and more persuasive.

What Do Your Words Say About Your Brand?

Every piece of written content, whether it’s a web page, blog article or social media post is a representation of your brand. If you thought that people were forming a judgement about the likely experience of working with you from what they were reading, would that make you choose and organise your words with greater care?

Content has to be useful and connect with a defined audience. Ideally, it should move people towards taking action. This isn’t a five-minute job.

Emotion in Marketing

Our buying decisions are much less rational than we like to admit. Effective marketing (both B2B and B2C) has to engage our emotions. You can’t hope to do this without finding the right words.

And when people have to rationalise or justify their buying decisions they need words that are concise, targeted and easy to digest.

Content Quality and Search Rankings

Content quality matters if you want your site to perform well in Google searches. Google wants to serve up the most useful, relevant and trustworthy search results to its users. If Google stops being the go-to place for information and answers they won’t be able to earn so much from advertising.

So, Google’s ranking algorithm smiles favourably on content that is original, well written, authoritative and relevant to the audience (based on the search they made). It will downgrade sloppy, unoriginal, irrelevant content and anything that looks like it was written to game a search engine rather than for people.

Words and Pictures

Maybe video is the chosen medium for most of your marketing content – that’s all about images, right? But even here you are likely to have text displayed on screen or a voice-over that has to be scripted. These too, need carefully chosen words to be effective.

There’s no getting away from it, words really do matter in the battle for attention that is modern marketing.


Guest blog by Richard Hussey, https://rshcopywriting.co.uk/

How our 5* incentives have contributed towards client success

Lost employees can cost a company up to double an individual’s annual salary.  The eye watering reality is that this cost alone is unlikely to address recruitment costs, the time lost through learning and upselling, and the detrimental impact that a high employee turnover has on the relationship you build with your clients.

Now, you maybe questioning why a telemarketing company, involved in an industry notorious for poor staff retention rates, has grounds to comment on improving employee turnover? Well, we know it pays to keep our team happy and encourage them to be the best that they can be. Not only for the benefits of our employees and our company, but so our clients can receive the best possible service from our team.

So, what’s the secret to creating the loyal, motivated and results driven individuals that have become familiar faces among our team? The truth is, we have always placed strong emphasis on recognising and rewarding individual excellence and creating a positive team culture. We have tried and tested many ways of achieving this, but our recent 5* incentive scheme is one that has allowed our individual team members, the company as a collective and our clients to really reap the rewards.

At the start of this financial year, our 5 Star incentive put a playful challenge in place for every member of team Air: showcase your outstanding performance or team spirit throughout the year and win a paid for trip to Edinburgh, Dublin or Paris – for you and a person of your choice, we’ll even throw in spending money. 

This scheme has not only drawn Team Air’s attention to what’s really important, awarding the people who outperform expectations and continue to win new opportunities for our business and our clients, it’s also delivered improvements in multiple areas:

  • Impressive results for our clients driven by the buzz of healthy competition amongst our team
  • Elevated team spirit and heightened sense of wellbeing created through employee appraisal
  • Our strongest team members continuing to progress within our company, ensuring our clients have a dedicated campaign team that are familiar and confident in selling their products and services
  • An electric culture which continues to encourage new sales talent to become a part of our family and our clients’ campaigns
  • Increased motivation that pushes our team to outperform competitors, better handle gate keepers and in turn secure the success of their team, our company and our clients’ new business.

Having started our incentives as a trial, we have experienced an overwhelmingly positive result. With 5 hardworking team members having won well deserved breaks with their friends and family throughout the financial year, the 5* incentive is measuring up to remain a deep-rooted tradition for Team Air. So, we pose the question – what 5* incentive will you be using this year? We’re already working on a new idea to reward our lucky 2019 winners. After all, it’s only right that our MD tops sending someone on holiday, isn’t it?

If you feel that your business could benefit from the support of an exceptionally driven outsourced telemarketing team, then get in touch today – Team Air are always on hand to help. Call: 03452413038