Sales and Business Tips – Script Writing For Sales Calls

Should you use a script when making sales calls? Our guidance is both yes and no – we create what we call a ‘call guide’. Find out the tips for writing this from our MD, Owen Richards.

Sales and Business Tips – How To Find Customers And Data

Looking to find new customers but not sure where to start? Data is key to helping you reach new customers, but you need to be careful. Here are some tips from Owen Richards, our MD here at Air Marketing.

Reaching customers is easy – but delivering the right message is getting harder

The digital space is full of noise – tv adverts, Google adverts, social media adverts, emails all trying to target you using the cookies collected from your online browsing. Many of these online efforts with general messages end up as nothing more than an annoyance to consumers because it’s almost impossible for them to address specific issues or problems facing a customer.

For years, we have been bombarded with generic sales messages and brand information which has accumulated to make noise. The digital space now offers more affordable marketing than the traditional tv, radio and magazine advertising – so more companies jump on the bandwagon and before we know it, we are drowning in noise with no clear message.

We have more tools than ever at our disposal to create specific targeted messages but for some, marketing still seems to be a bit of a hit and miss affair. The saying “If you throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick” rings true here.

Buyers can now find all the information they need online, so the methods that sales people use for presenting their value proposition must change.

This is easier said than done, and the inability to communicate value messages is one of the biggest inhibitors to attracting new customers and achieving sales success.

Modern day buyers are only interested in how a product can benefit them.

The features of a product might be interesting, but if it’s not going to provide a direct benefit and help them achieve their desired outcomes, then they’re simply not interested. In a world where consumers have all the information they need at their fingertips, selling has become harder than ever.

Value messaging needs to change to keep up with this evolution of the buyer. Selling a product is no longer about the product. It’s all about the buyer.

Making a purchase is now a journey that involves emotions, feelings, goals and solutions. And a salesperson can only facilitate this journey if they know their customer well. They need to have conversations and truly get to the heart of their problems.

Sales message dynamics

Value messages need to follow a process that changes and meanders with the customer’s buying journey. There is a definite beginning, middle and end in the sales process, and salespeople need to help customers understand their own challenges (because often they don’t) and provide a solution that will achieve a desired result. A proper conversation with a customer opens the lines of communication and can address a problem the customer wasn’t even aware they had.

Creating new business

The inability to communicate value messages effectively not only inhibits sales success, but also impedes the ability to attract new leads and clients and expand existing ones into more valuable clients. This makes sales messaging even more important when it comes to successful business.

Customer-centric messaging

It’s imperative that sales people know how to plan, construct and present their messages effectively. We need to focus more on the customers’ pain points and explain the value they will get from the product. This is where personalised, one-on-one sales techniques make a difference.

What’s the best way to begin the process of communicating value messages that will ensure that the right people sit up and listen? Attract, train and retain exceptional salespeople.

Great salespeople engage prospects and build trust. While many lead generation methods and sales processes involve online communication methods, salespeople provide what digital marketing can’t – a human connection and an ongoing relationship.

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Is there still a place for telemarketing within your digital focused marketing mix?

For those sales and marketing teams who have focused their effort and budget solely on digital channels, it may seem like telemarketing is an old forgotten art no longer needed. But this isn’t the case. Telemarketing proves to be a very effective tool when used as part of your integrated marketing mix – assisting you to close more B2B sales than you might think.

Assisting not replacing marketing activity

Integrating marketing activity is where you will see results. In the past, telemarketing was used to speak to as many prospects as possible, generating as many leads as possible, in many cases no matter the quality. Today this simply doesn’t work.

Combining marketing activity across different user touchpoints has proved to be more effective in converting leads and closing deals compared to using just a single channel. With the increasing use of email campaigns, junk mail is common – how can you guarantee your email will be read or even opened. If your email is read, can you be sure if the user understood it, found it relevant or even slightly considered your product/service – can you guarantee that they would get in touch with you to talk more?

This is where telemarketing can have an impact. Following up on emails, nurturing a customer through the journey provides a very real touchpoint with your customer. Understanding their views on the product/service, apprehensions, questions, or reasons why it wouldn’t be suitable. This very personal interaction opens up the conversation, provides you insight into your market and nurtures relationships which may not convert immediately but will build the pipeline for the future.

Where to start?

Data and your message is going to be the most important place to start. Refined data gets you to the right person quicker, saving time and, therefore, money which will see you make more of your investment. Once you reach that person its all about the message. But making sure that the message is joined up across your marketing mix is vital. Your email campaign should have the same message as you are intending to discuss on the call with them, this repetition of a core message will resonate with prospects giving more brand clarity.

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