Where does your telemarketing campaign fit into the bigger picture?

We are often contacted by companies who reach out to us because they have (rightly) heard that direct telemarketing delivers very tangible ROI or they see us advertising that our average client receives £18 for every £1 invested.

But often telemarketing is viewed in isolation, companies engage with the pilot campaign to test the water and see how it delivers without taking into account the opportunity that lies in the bigger picture.

We know that telemarketing is an extremely effective channel for many companies, but we also know that combining telemarketing activity with other forms of marketing or looking at the campaign as a longer-term investment such as a 6 month or year long tactic to support other business objectives, can deliver even better results.

The set up of a telemarketing campaign can bring up a lot of questions such as:

  • Have you researched your product/service? Do you know how well it will be received by the market? Do you know your competitors? Will it deliver what we say it will?
  • How are we supporting this telemarketing campaign? Do we have a branded email that can be sent afterwards? Do you have a website that echoes the message we are giving? Have you created anything such as a brochure or flyers we can share with prospects?
  • Have you considered your own sales pitch? Is your sales pitch and our telemarketing pitch aligned? Are we both on brand? Will your sales pitch see conversions?
  • Is your data right for use? Do you need to purchase new data? What else can that data be used for?

As a Business Development Partner, it is not our ethos to deliver merely a ‘project’ within constraints that are agreed. Instead, we want to help you look at the bigger picture, understand what the strategy for your telemarketing or marketing in general is, consider all the angles that could be taken to best engage with your target market and really help you generate the right leads for your business.

The visibility and involvement that is available when working with Air, allows you to ensure that telemarketing is firmly set in the bigger picture. Feedback on data allows you to update your CRM systems and instigate actions if needed. Being able to come in and train the team allows you to shape what the tone of voice for your business, the sales techniques and known objections. And being able to monitor calls in live time means you are always on top of what is happening, planning for appointments, understanding objections and client feedback etc.

So, if you’re looking for a partner to work alongside you, guide you and deliver for you, speak to the team here at Air for more information on how we can help improve your business development. Call us on 0345 241 3038 or email us at contact@air-marketing.co.uk.

Welcoming Roots to Market to the Air Marketing Group

Air Marketing Group are delighted to launch their new sister company, Roots to Market.

Air has seen exponential growth in the 2 years since their launch in 2016 and their ever-growing client base were often looking for other marketing services that could be provided to them within the group. Sensing a fantastic opportunity to help their clients with the full marketing and sales demand creation process, Roots to Market was created.

Verity Wootton, joined the team in January to head up the launch of this new company. Verity is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and has worked in both agency and in-house marketing teams for recognisable brands. Verity strives on developing commercially savvy marketing strategies and campaigns and seeing the impact that they make on a business.

Roots to Market is a full service marketing partner, giving their clients access to a whole range of marketing services under one roof. Whether clients are looking for assistance and guidance from scratch or require help executing activity against a strategy – Roots to Market can help clients achieve their aims.

The Roots to Market team are focused on delivering scientifically devised marketing carried out creatively. As an outsourced marketing partner, they are able to offer client’s scalable flexibility, the ability to test new ideas, dive into data and really understand what works for customers, and much more.

“We are delighted to see Roots to Market officially launch. A number of our Air clients have already started working with Verity and her team and have been delighted that we are now able to offer these services all within one group. I am extremely excited about being able to offer full marketing and sales demand creation to our clients.” Owen Richards, MD of Air Marketing Group.

To find out more about Roots to Market take a look at their website or get in touch to find out how we could help you on 01392 796702.

What makes you think you’re so special?

I’m a great admirer of Jeremy Waite’s Ten Words. If you don’t know what this is, it is a book written by Jeremy that pledges to communicate ‘big ideas’ in ‘small words and short sentences’. We cannot escape it, we hear more and more about how people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter – meaning we need to be more concise, clear and sharp if we want to grab someone’s attention.

The reason I start with this, is because I often think about this when I am working with clients on their telemarketing strategies.

We know that attention spans on the telephone during a cold call are even shorter than the average. We’ve all been there, you are right in the middle of something, the phone rings and it’s a cold caller wanting to engage with you. Now they could be calling to offer you a service or a product that is exactly what you are looking for, but your attention span is already short because you know it is a cold call and you have been disrupted.

This is why a strategy for me is the most important part of the process. We have to understand what makes you special? What is your real value to a prospect? How does it solve the pain that the prospect will be feeling? How does it go above and beyond what else is available on the market?

There are so many questions that we cover and so many answers that we discuss – but then it is up to me to create that small magic opening that is going to win your prospect’s attention span and allow me to divulge a little more information than when they first picked up the phone.

I think it’s a great exercise for anyone to try, the idea of 10 words to describe your role? Your business? Your personal goals? Your career goals? What makes you special?

Sure, we may not get it right the very first time, but if we have all the information from the strategy and we test the opening, we are going to be able to sense how this is landing with your prospects giving us opportunities to tweak and sharpen the message as we learn and test.

I’m Richard, I open up your target market to generate you leads. What do you do?

Opinion piece by Richard Street, Account Manager, Air Marketing Group

Sales and Business Tips – How to temperature check your sales prospect

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