ON AIR: With Owen Episode 57 Featuring Anup Khera – VP & GM International at Attentive

Introducing our 57th episode of ON AIR: With Owen – our latest interview video series with honest conversation about scaling revenue, hosted by our Founder & CEO, Owen Richards.

Our 57th guest is Anup Khera, VP & GM International at Attentive. Owen and Anup discuss the dos and don’ts of scaling an organisation internationally.

– The importance of spending time getting to know the team and understanding the business
– The importance of hiring when building a go-to-market strategy
– The things Anup would definitely replicate and the mistakes he would avoid making again
– The ‘thinking like a CEO’ mindset and why it’s important
– How to maintain culture and collaboration with your team, wherever they are in the world
– The benefits of being on the front line as a leader and being involved in deals
– Avoiding the temptation of hiring the wrong candidates, too quickly

What’s next for Tech?

Value will continue to rise. Companies will churn. Merges and acquisitions will augment the market and people will be more important than ever before.

SaaS and tech funding gained momentum during the pandemic, with mega-deals recalibrating and redefining the value of tech industries forever. The pandemic takes credit as an accelerator but not the reason. Companies had digitisation and digital strategies in place but it was Covid (more specifically lockdowns) that made it impossible for a board to procrastinate any longer. In addition companies were suddenly exposed to, and forced to react to, a lack of utilisation of their suite of existing tech and software and ‘technical debt’ rocketed up the priority list straight into the top 5.

Disconnecting human interaction at work made digital adoption and tech hygiene a basic requirement. In the case of sales and martech, one of the only ways of proving individual and team effectiveness performance was by ensuring activities, interactions and meetings were logged, noted, actioned. Out of this sales enablement and RevOps has blown up. ‘Faster, higher, stronger, together’ isn’t just applicable as a motto for the Olympics and athletes.

So where’s it heading?

According to CB Insights Q1 2022 State of Fintech Report, there has been an 18% reduction in tech investment in Q1 this year, that will make for some interesting boardroom discussions. Competition for investors’ money will come with more scrutiny, more prudence. Less Dragons Den and more Goldman Sachs. Because of this companies will churn and mergers and acquisitions will be on the rise. The mega-mergers will make the headlines but the SMB and mid-market conglomeration will be prolific and shape the landscape just as much.

SaaS and tech investment drive returns and whilst the value bubble isn’t going to burst, the talent bubble might. Leaders and executives who can deliver at speed have never been more in demand – nor have they ever been more aware of their value. Forget brand equity, ARR or EBITDA, what’s your talent equity?

Exceptional people, who have the right attributes not just to perform and develop their function (e.g. sales, IT) but across other areas of the business are in scarce supply. The cross-pollination of ideas across business functions is the alchemy where the real magic happens. It’s hard, almost impossible, to create these conditions remotely which is why we saw Google earlier this year mandate employees to be back in office three days a week on average. How this plays out and how it defines and affects companies success is a subject for another day, another blog.

Neil Clarke

Commercial Director – Air Marketing

LIVE Event: Cold Calling Training Session for SDRs, BDRs & Telesales Executives

On 16th June, we ran an exclusive online cold calling training session for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), Business Development Representatives (BDRs) and Telesales Executives. Watch the recording or download the presentation below.

On the topic of cold calling, the two hour session covered:
– What to say
– What not to say
– How to get the best outcome
– How to handle objections

Owen Richards (Founder & CEO at Air Marketing)
Isheeta Abdullah (Training & Resource Manager at Air Marketing)

Who is it for?
– Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)
– Business Development Representatives (BDRs)
– Telesales Executives

Whether you’re a cold calling newbie; looking to start your sales career; or a seasoned professional seeking to refresh your sales approach, you are guaranteed to learn something.


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ON AIR: With Owen Episode 56 Featuring Tom Bianchi – VP of Marketing for EMEA, Acquia

Introducing our 56th episode of ON AIR: With Owen – our latest interview video series with honest conversation about scaling revenue, hosted by our Founder & CEO, Owen Richards.

 Our 56th guest is Tom Bianchi, VP of Marketing for EMEA at Acquia.

Owen and Tom discuss the difference between creating demand and capturing demand.

– At what stage in your business journey would you use each of these strategies?
– Does every organisation go through the same process and journey?
– What types of things should a company be doing in the early stages i.e. ‘creating demand’
– The types of things you should be doing in the ‘capturing demand’ phase
– How quality and quality come into play at each phase
– How to measure success in each phase
– The journey in switching from one mode to the other, and how messaging & process need to change
– The common mistake of applying the same strategy to all markets and why good self-awareness is important
– Moving faster than is comfortable – getting from ‘create’ to ‘capture’ much quicker
– Improving how you score your leads
– Why brand awareness is important at the ‘creating demand’ stage
– What metrics are important to Acquia right now and the tactics changed along the way
– The internal challenges within sales & marketing teams when switching modes

ON AIR: With Owen Episode 55 Featuring James Isilay – CEO of Cognism

Introducing our 55th episode of ON AIR: With Owen – our latest interview video series with honest conversation about scaling revenue, hosted by our Founder & CEO, Owen Richards.

Our 55th guest is James Isilay, CEO of Cognism.

Owen and James have an inspiring conversation around Cognism’s start-up journey, since being founded in 2015, to becoming one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world.

– Lessons learned from Cognism’s start-up journey, since being founded in 2015
– How having an experienced mentor from the get-go can keep your start-up alive
– Cognism’s outbound strategy and how it has played a key role in their growth
– How a strategy evolves over time with bringing key people into a business
– Go-to-market strategy: the best strategies and channels for scaling a business
– At which stage should you have certainty and start to rely on outbound metrics?
– Why James believes the phone is the most effective tool you can use in outbound sales
– What motivates James to keep going 6 years into the journey