Let’s start with data

We live in a world where data is everywhere, it’s more widely available than it ever used to be, and we use it more than we’ve ever done before!

As telemarketer’s, data is invaluable to us. The simple truth is that we are only as effective as the data that we use. It is our job to understand who we are calling and to establish a need, all culminating together to create a lead or opportunity for our client. With the correct and clean data, we are able to do this in an efficient manner, understanding the target market, key message and target for our clients.

But, with bad data we struggle from the outset. Using out of date, irrelevant, or confusing data causes delays to our calling, meaning we call less relevant data and have less worthwhile conversations resulting in a worse return on investment for our clients.

Data changes quickly, especially if you are working with large quantities:

  • Staff change roles or leave companies
  • Companies change locations or details
  • Businesses close
  • Company mergers happen

And this can all change the data that you hold about that company.

Telemarketing is still proven to be an extremely effective method of business development when used correctly. Here at Air, we focus on the ROI that you receive when working with us, our average return is £18 for every £1 our clients invest. But to work as effectively as possible we rely heavily on working with the right data. For this reason, we have always partnered with high quality compliant data providers who we can rely on to deliver what we require to meet our clients needs.

With GDPR changes on their way in, data has never been so under the spot light. With this in mind, we’ve created our GDPR Readiness Statement, using plain English to explain how we have got ourselves ready, to give you confidence in our operation and to provide guidance for yours.

If you’re considering starting a telemarketing campaign, get in touch for a chat to find out how we can help you with your business development and data needs.

We’re thrilled to be named Most Outstanding Business

We were absolutely thrilled to have been recognised in the Express and Echo Business Awards, winning one of the three awards that we had been shortlisted for, in the category of Business Growth of the Year (over 25 staff). On top of this, we were then overjoyed to hear that a surprise award for Outstanding Business of the Year, was also awarded to us, ahead of the other amazing category winners on the night.

We have achieved a huge amount since our launch in 2016, growing to a team of 40 people within 2 years and working with clients such as Funding Circle, Crowdcube and GoCardless.

Owen Richards, our Managing Director said, “We put great emphasis on the importance of our people, who play such an important part in everything that we achieve. We’re proud to be recognised within the Exeter business community, and without the whole team effort we simply wouldn’t have grown at the speed and scale we have, with more growth predicted again this year.”

If you are looking for help with telemarketing, telesales, lead generation and appointment setting, and would like to partner with an experienced award-winning company – Air could be just what you have been looking for. To find out more, get in touch 0345 241 3038.

Speaking the same language

It’s incredible to think that in a world that is inhabited by approximately 7.5 billion people, 1.5 billion speak English, that’s 20% of the Earth’s population (source: Babbel). As a native English speaking company, based here in England we can sometimes take for granted that this amount of people in the world speak our language. But businesses that operate internationally and want to work with foreign territories understand the importance of making individuals comfortable in their own language, especially if they do not speak English or only speak a little as a second language.

Our top 4 reasons why speaking the same language is so important include:

  1. Respect

If you are contacting a prospect in their country, and you are aware that their native language is not English, addressing them in their own language is far more respectful. Imagine it from your own perspective, you receive a phone call from France, and they are speaking to you in French. You may have basic understanding and knowledge that you gained at school, but it is not your native language, so you struggle to interact and eventually become disengaged. It’s no different. Building respect by appreciating their cultural differences, including language, is what will build a relationship giving you a much higher opportunity to convert that individual into a customer.

  1. Avoid misunderstandings

When engaging with a new prospect, no matter where in the world, ensuring your initial message is clear and well understood is essential. This initial conversation is what the prospect is going to remember about you and the brand therefore it needs to be conveyed correctly. If you are speaking to someone in English but they do not fully understand, it can potentially distort this initial conversation, your message and could destroy any relationship before it is ever created. Reinforcing the importance of speaking to them in their native language to ensure they fully understand the message, giving them the best opportunity to engage.

  1. Be competitive in the market place

Looking to expand your business to foreign territories opens up huge opportunities for you. However, you are also entering a new market space, with different cultures, languages and competition. You must be ready for this. If you enter the market replicating your business model from England, without any consideration of culture and language, you could come unstuck. To give yourself the best chance to be competitive, you must first understand the culture of the country you are expanding into; talk to them in their language, understand the cultural nuances that prospects would appreciate.

  1. Reach those you want to reach

In an increasingly noisy digital world, being relevant has become more important than ever. We see this all the time; is this brand relevant, is their service/product relevant, is this message relevant, are we contacting the right person etc. With this in mind, we only rarely have to consider whether the language is relevant, but for international business this is a key consideration. Imagine being sat at work in the UK and receiving a marketing email in Japanese, would you try translating it or would you just delete it as it is irrelevant – for many it would be the latter.

Multilingual telemarketing is a fantastic way to start conversations with your target market in foreign territories as part of your expansion plan. Conversations play a vital part in understanding customer needs, true customer objections and the market place. Supplementing telemarketing alongside other marketing activity provides a rounded approach to entering a new and different market.

Here at Air, we’ve run both B2B and B2C campaigns using native languages which include (but are not limited to) Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

For more information about our multilingual telemarketing service take a look at our website or get in touch on 0345 241 3038 to see how we could help you.

Celebrating business success together

It’s that time again. The Express & Echo Business Awards are back for 2018, celebrating business success and giving businesses in Exeter and the surrounding areas the recognition they deserve.

Within the Best New Start Up Business category of this year’s awards are both Air Marketing Group and Grow Marketing Ltd. Both Grow and Air are still relatively new to the Exeter business scene, however, they have both made huge impacts on the local marketplace and have worked with each other for almost a year now.

Air Marketing Group was started in March 2016 by Managing Director Owen Richards and, in the two years since, Air has grown from 1 person to a team of 40 staff, boasting a strong, varied and retained client base including brands such as Crowdcube and Funding Circle. Air has worked hard to help boost Exeter’s economy, create careers within the city, and has partnered with both St Petrocks and Balloons Charity for 2018, having donated a total of £1,111.06 so far to these charities.

Grow Marketing Ltd have been trading for less than a year and have centred their entire ethos and business approach around being relentlessly positive and adding value to the local economy. This has set them apart from many other media sources and created a real ‘feel-good’ movement within the local and regional business community. In less than a year, they have pioneered meaningful initiatives (such as the ‘100 Most Influential Women of 2018), attracted support and funding from key local stakeholders and also formed key commercial partnerships with many local businesses and organisations. With some truly exciting projects and partnerships in the pipeline (watch this space), the team at Grow are looking to the future with great positivity and determination.

Both #TeamAir and #TeamGrow look forward to seeing many of you at the Express and Echo Business Awards and, whoever wins, both organisations will be moving into the rest of the year with a spring in their steps and a smile on their faces.

Have you discovered the full potential of your voice?

We’ve all heard the famous saying, ‘you have a face for the radio’, which can be taken offensively by some who work in the industry, but there is something to be taken from this saying. People who are successful in the radio industry have such huge personalities that they don’t need to be seen to make an impression.

Telemarketing is not too dissimilar to this. Our conversations are all held over the phone, so we do not have the advantage of meeting people face to face or viewing body language. Instead we focus on demonstrating our personality, giving a strong portrayal of the brand and using our tone and inflection to guide the conversation.

I’ve run campaigns at previous companies that have been scripted using tried and tested techniques. But the same question arises – When someone is saying the same thing on each call, how can their results differ so dramatically from call to call?

As I was paid on their results, I made it my mission to understand why this happened, so I listened to hundreds of call recordings. During that time, I found that if one voice tone was used, then within roughly 30-40 seconds the call would often be over. The tone I identified was when an individual’s voice tone/inflection went ‘up’ at the end of sentences. It was the verbal equivalent of having your fingers crossed. Used when someone doesn’t have confidence in what they’re saying or does not understand the subject well enough and even, at times, when trying to ‘fake’ enthusiasm. It was clear that when inflection went up, credibility in the message went down. And this was the difference between the calls using the same script.

What I learnt from this is that when asking questions and closing it’s very important to use a downward inflection in your voice, it commands authority and instils confidence in the decision maker.

For example – try saying with the tone and inflection going down at the end of the sentence, “So John, if you’re 100% happy with everything we’ve gone through, is it fair to say you’d be happy to meet with one of our consultants?”

Now try it again but this time with an upwards inflection at the end of the sentence. Which one would you rather be at the end of?

In understanding this, you can also learn a lot about your decision maker when they throw you objections, what is there tone and inflection; do they sound confident, does it ‘sound’ like a superficial objection or genuine? In understanding how you use your voice, you’ll learn a lot about how others use theirs.

What I have learnt is that voice inflection and tempo are vital and valuable skills that once mastered will improve your telemarketing ability when speaking with gate keepers and decision makers.

To underline the importance of tone and inflection here is a sentence for you to try, “I did not steal the money”. Depending on which word you put the emphasis on it’ll change the whole meaning of the sentence. Go ahead, try it for yourself!

Opinion piece by Oliver Kernick, Senior Account Manager, Air Marketing Group

GDPR Readiness Statement for our clients

Whether you’re already a client or considering using us, we aim to give you confidence in our operation and provide guidance for yours. When it comes to GDPR, there is already enough confusion, so we’ve decided to use plain English to explain how we have got ourselves ready. We have created a GDPR Readiness Statement which is not going to confuse the matter, only make it easier to understand.

Please take a few moments to read our GDPR Readiness Statement to fully understand the changes that have been made/are being made by Air in preparation for GDPR.

You can find our GDPR Readiness Statement here.

If you have any questions about how you can better prepare for the GDPR, just let us know, we’re happy to help.

Sales and Business Tips – How Best to Question During the Conversation

Asking open questions develops a conversation with a prospect but when asking questions it is important to ensure  they are natural and you dig deep on certain points raised to make the most of the conversation to move into the close. Take a look at our latest video to find out more on this tip: