First appointment doesn’t always mean first sale

Sales representatives make countless numbers of calls every day. For those looking to make an appointment, it’s well known that it’s not as easy as picking up the phone and booking a meeting on every call.

It’s great to get that first appointment when running a sales campaign. You’re excited and punching the air… but, it’s only the first step to making that all-important sale.

Taking in to account the above, we at Air Marketing Group want to help you make sure the first appointment is all that it can be.

Appointment quality is everything

It can be hard to qualify a lead based solely on the first appointment, but quality leads result in quality appointments. It’s good to do the best you can to determine whether that appointment is really worth your paid time. Ask yourself questions to justify that appoint – don’t be afraid to be straight talking!

Prepare, prepare, prepare

You’ve heard it a million times, but the truth is preparation can make a huge difference to that first meeting. Prepare your approach, what you plan to discuss and focus on how your offer can help their business.
You want to arrive at the first appointment fresh faced and ready for any questions that might be thrown your way.

No hidden surprises!

No prospect needs to be informed of something they had no idea about in the first place – this will make them uncomfortable and add a negative vibe to the meeting before it’s even begun.

From pricing to product knowledge, check that you have given all the essential information about you and your offer, as well as who is coming to meet them on the day.

Follow up

Follow up contact is great – we at Air strongly recommend it. There are a variety of things you can do to follow up after a meeting. From an email clarifying what was discussed or a call to tie up the offer, you want to keep yourself at the forefront of the prospect’s mind.

Purpose and benefits

Never stray from the purpose of your meeting and the benefits of what your offer can provide. It’s easy to deviate from what you’re trying to achieve by way of conversation, so keep to a rough track with your goals in mind.

It’s all about them

Anyone who’s anyone appreciates an honest and genuine individual. The more personable and genuine you are, the more you can develop better trust with your prospect. Don’t spend hours talking about your company, focus on their business – it really matters to them, and you need to show that it matters to you.

Is there something that they mentioned in the build up to the meeting that they are concerned about? Why not list a few of the most important things that they’ve spoken about, to make sure you’re fully aware of their top priorities.

Does your business need to generate more appointments?

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Five top benefits of outsourced telemarketing

Telemarketing can be an effective tool for lead generation. Whilst it’s not suitable for all organisations, it’s a proven strategy with the human conversation being a powerful driving force behind an effective sales process.

Many businesses look at outsourcing their telemarketing to a specialist company; this can be a great choice for a number of reasons. We look in to the benefits of outsourcing, and why it might be right for you.

1. Time
All businesses, regardless of the size, need more time. When you outsource to a telemarketing company, you are saving yourself a huge amount of time and use of physical resource which can be better spent on other areas of your business.

For example, if you’re a small business owner and making your own cold sales calls, imagine what else you could do with that time; you could be working on the business, servicing clients or focussing on up-selling or cross-selling to current customers. Or, if you are in a sales or sales management role, you’d no doubt be far better utilised in front of more qualified prospects.

2. Cutting Costs
Outsourcing your telemarketing can be much more cost-effective than expanding your business and building on your in-house teams. On top of avoiding extra employee costs for the sales team, you also don’t need to invest in management staff, software and infrastructure.

A telemarketing specialist will have all the software, hardware and reporting tools in place. And, don’t forget point number one; more staff means even more of your time taken up.

3. Transparency & measurable results
If your telemarketing is outsourced, you don’t need to spend time managing a team or monitoring performance for that campaign every day. With companies like Air Marketing Group, you’ll only be involved with the parts that really matter. This includes updates, reporting and feedback, all with a dedicated account manager to provide you with ongoing support. (You can find out more about our process here).

4. Hiring the talent you need
Anyone who can communicate over the phone can be successful at telemarketing… right? Not necessarily. Outsourcing your telemarketing to a specialist means you are getting individuals who are well trained and versed in the art of selling on the phone, well-motivated and used to working in a results-driven environment.

This saves you having to find, induct and train new employees and saves you time and money. After all, how much time and money do you spend each year on recruiting people?

5. Flexibility
Last, but certainly not least, is flexibility. In-house teams and business expansion work well, but you will struggle to match the flexibility of an outsourced team who will fully dedicate their time and capacity to your targeted calls.

The requirements you have for a telemarketing campaign may change, from data requirements to call volumes. With an outsourced team, you can pick and choose how many hours you need and the number of sales professionals you need working on your project at any given time.

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