How our 5* incentives have contributed towards client success

Lost employees can cost a company up to double an individual’s annual salary.  The eye watering reality is that this cost alone is unlikely to address recruitment costs, the time lost through learning and upselling, and the detrimental impact that a high employee turnover has on the relationship you build with your clients.

Now, you maybe questioning why a telemarketing company, involved in an industry notorious for poor staff retention rates, has grounds to comment on improving employee turnover? Well, we know it pays to keep our team happy and encourage them to be the best that they can be. Not only for the benefits of our employees and our company, but so our clients can receive the best possible service from our team.

So, what’s the secret to creating the loyal, motivated and results driven individuals that have become familiar faces among our team? The truth is, we have always placed strong emphasis on recognising and rewarding individual excellence and creating a positive team culture. We have tried and tested many ways of achieving this, but our recent 5* incentive scheme is one that has allowed our individual team members, the company as a collective and our clients to really reap the rewards.

At the start of this financial year, our 5 Star incentive put a playful challenge in place for every member of team Air: showcase your outstanding performance or team spirit throughout the year and win a paid for trip to Edinburgh, Dublin or Paris – for you and a person of your choice, we’ll even throw in spending money. 

This scheme has not only drawn Team Air’s attention to what’s really important, awarding the people who outperform expectations and continue to win new opportunities for our business and our clients, it’s also delivered improvements in multiple areas:

  • Impressive results for our clients driven by the buzz of healthy competition amongst our team
  • Elevated team spirit and heightened sense of wellbeing created through employee appraisal
  • Our strongest team members continuing to progress within our company, ensuring our clients have a dedicated campaign team that are familiar and confident in selling their products and services
  • An electric culture which continues to encourage new sales talent to become a part of our family and our clients’ campaigns
  • Increased motivation that pushes our team to outperform competitors, better handle gate keepers and in turn secure the success of their team, our company and our clients’ new business.

Having started our incentives as a trial, we have experienced an overwhelmingly positive result. With 5 hardworking team members having won well deserved breaks with their friends and family throughout the financial year, the 5* incentive is measuring up to remain a deep-rooted tradition for Team Air. So, we pose the question – what 5* incentive will you be using this year? We’re already working on a new idea to reward our lucky 2019 winners. After all, it’s only right that our MD tops sending someone on holiday, isn’t it?

If you feel that your business could benefit from the support of an exceptionally driven outsourced telemarketing team, then get in touch today – Team Air are always on hand to help. Call: 03452413038

The Office Environment Creates Success

Today, businesses are keen to concentrate on successful recruitment processes, robust 1-2-1 systems, competitive pay grades and offering the right benefits. All of this comes in an attempt to attract and retain excellent employees that constantly perform to the best of their ability. However, reality suggests that businesses are also becoming increasingly demanding of the people that they should be working hard to look after.

Recently, the Mental Health Foundation released figures which state that work-related stress costs Britain 10.4 million working days per year. An increasingly demanding work culture, in the UK, forces longer hours, less manageable workloads and heightens the intensity of constant comparison amongst peers in a race to stay ahead.

Businesses should be concentrating on, a healthier office environment which results in employees waking up on Monday, enthusiastic to come to work. Below are my three top tips to fostering a healthy and encouraging office environment:

The life-changing magic of tidying

With our minds often reflecting the environment in which we find ourselves, there are a lot of factors we should start considering to better our office surroundings and withdraw the best attitude from our employees, fellow colleagues and ourselves.

Marie Kondo, a Japanese organising consultant and author, has written 4 books on the art of decluttering. Her book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ has been well received in more than 30 countries and her simple but sought after method has consequently led her to appear as one of the Times ‘100 most influential people’.  Aside from helping millions organise their sock draw; her book explains how cluttered disorganised spaces have a negative impact on our minds and how we choose to process our day.

In a world where the restless mind often wreaks havoc, encouraging a spacious, clear and organised office environment will allow efficiency, concentration and motivation to flourish. The art of organisation, natural light and the odd office plant will boost energy levels and increases employee well-being.

An open office

We associate an open door with opportunity. An open office space allows us to form strong relationships, build good rapport with others and gives us an opportunity to absorb the culture – whether it be peaceful and calm or buzzing with energy. The opportunity to be part of a team, working towards the same goal, allows us to immediately feel a strong sense of belonging.

According to Maslow’s motivational theory in psychology,  belongingness increases motivation, self-esteem and self-actualisation needs.

A high level of motivation will lead to new clients won, individual targets met and a positivity which can be absorbed by the whole office.

The right culture reflected

Hard work and achievement requires recognition to create an overall feeling of appreciation.

Sometimes it’s the little things that impact us the most, a thumbs up from our manager or a well done from our colleague. Knowing we are surrounded by support (at all levels) allows us to take on new tasks with confidence and grow and develop as individuals.

Recent surveys have shown that the more employees felt appreciated at work, the more they were committed to their jobs, the better equipped they were to handle stresses of client demands and deadlines and the less likely they were to take time off work.

The concept of a good workplace has been a part of office culture for decades, but many business owners still don’t know all that this entails and why it’s important.

So many different aspects of the office environment effect employee motivation, productivity and even retention.

No relationship is effortless

Getting the simple stuff right is becoming increasingly more important if you want your business, employees and colleagues to thrive.

As a manager or business owner encouraging continual feedback from both your perspective and your current employees will ensure essential needs are met in the aspiration of achieving a happy successful environment for everyone.

Opinion Piece by Samantha Bennett, Human Resources, Air Marketing Group

Our ever-growing expertise

Having come into telemarketing from the construction industry I had a lot to learn! I knew it was going to be a steep learning curve in order to make the most out of my opportunity and I was willing to take it on.

After thorough training, guidance, opportunities and of course learnings taken from mistakes – I worked closer to becoming an expert in telemarketing. But during this journey I came to understand that I can never truly be an expert because of the variance of campaigns, clients, industries, and requirements that I will work on in my telemarketing career.

But in truth, this continual learning, adapting and challenging myself is what motivates me to push even further in my career.

My knowledge on the science behind telemarketing is now strong and I am proud of this. But outside of this my knowledge now stretches from finance and HR services, to vehicle leasing, data analysis, energy consumption and much more!

The reason for this expansive knowledge? Is that all agents within Air Marketing Group are trained on 5 different campaigns (or more). The result of this? Is that agents are kept engaged and challenged with the opportunity to call on different campaigns – they could be working on telesales, appointment setting, events, market research for any B2B client offering any product or service.

But the benefits are also seen for our clients. Having a wide range of experience means that agents have a deeper understanding of responding to varied objections, they understand key pain points for different industries, and they can begin to build an understanding of approaches that work within different sectors to help clients with their campaigns.

We see ourselves as an extension of our client’s team, a partner. Because of this, we want to learn from our clients (who are the experts in their field) to ensure the best chance of success for their campaigns. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients when developing the strategy, our clients train our in-house agents and we encourage communication between all campaign members and all key client team members. Absorbing this knowledge from our client gives us the ability to truly represent their business in the best possible way.

It’s an ongoing journey, with ever-growing expertise that will never end – but that’s all part of the fun. Our aim to continue delivering outstanding services to our clients and the more equipped we are to do this the more we’ll succeed.

Opinion Piece by Ashley Heyworth, Senior Account Manager, Air Marketing Group