Katelyn Tomlinson

I grew up surrounded by business and sales and am enjoying using the skills I saw in action to build relationships with different people, so always knew this would be a passion of mine. Jumpstarting my career, going straight from college into work, I’ve also learnt that if you want to have a good time, you need to work in the right place, which why sought out Air!   

Outside of when I am working, I love spending time with family, friends and my many animals ranging from horses to dogs, cats and chickens! 

Joining Air Marketing in 2022 as a Business Development Executive I got to work with lots of different b2b customers, generating leads on their behalf. Then in 2023 I moved over to become a Sales Development Representative where I am now responsible for conducting outreach and prospecting activity our own behalf, finding new clients across multiple channels including phone, email and LinkedIn, that all have the common goal of growing their pipeline by uncovering more qualified opportunities for their in-house sales teams to close.  

Jo Marshall

A little bit of background information:

My Career started as a 16 year old working in a travel agents on a Youth Training Scheme, as it was back then, a whole £45 per week salary! I quickly worked my way up through the ranks and by age 19 I was running 2 large branches of a travel agents in the middle of a City Centre, where I stayed for 10 years. Following this, I worked for a large home appliance company in a consumer affairs role, before shortly returning back to the world of sales in a range of BDE, BDM and Quality Assurance roles.

A little bit about your current role:

As a Quality Assurance Manager in sales, I am accountable for establishing and upholding quality standards, continuously monitoring sales activities, and offering constructive feedback and coaching to sales representatives. My primary objective is to enhance the overall quality of sales operations, ensuring that sales processes and activities meet established standards and play a pivotal role in contributing to the success of the sales department and the organisation as a whole.

I firmly believe that investing in the growth and development of our sales force is essential for achieving and exceeding our objectives.

Bradley King

A little bit of background info

I have a plethora of experience spanning over 10 years working in both B2B and B2C sales and account management.  I am committed to self-development, through my ability to learn quickly has led to success in all of positions I have held. I have developed not only a valuable skill set to work from, but an equally strong mind set to perform at my best and bring my “best self” to work. My fulfilment within my job role comes from seeing the team succeed. Success is a team game. I am a massive believer in the ‘Value in – Value out’ mantra. I am a big sports fan whether that be football, rugby, running, golf and much more – I do play football at least twice a week and support the best team in London (Chelsea)!


A little bit about your current role

There are many aspects of this job role that interests me – being able to sit, support and monitor campaigns along with Account Managers, Account Directors and Campaign Managers to spot opportunities of growth across the business, to include marketing services and recruitment.

Retention is a massive part of the business that interests me; supporting accounts and working across campaigns to give feedback to clients and our team through monitoring granular stats closely with team leaders to spot opportunities of development in the team. Being able to feed the delivery team information on performance to ensure we can get the best response and results for our client. Ensuring that our clients are given the best level of service by providing clarity and communication so they have a clear picture of what is happing in the background and developments; and have sight daily of what we are doing and achieving in our day to help them achieve their commercial goals will ensure that we can deliver the best experience and results.

Alex Burgess

A little bit of background info:

I’ve been working across a plethora of industries and within sales for 10+ years, starting on the coal face and working my way to where I am now. This has given me a perspective of what is needed to get the sale over the line and the wisdom to know how to strategically plan out a successful campaign. I’m a big sports fan, I won’t say who I support and what sports as we will likely have a rivalry. I am also very active, be that playing football, climbing and there may be a little history of dance.

A little bit about your current role:

As Account Director, my role is to build and manage relationships with my portfolio of clients, holding ultimate responsibility for the strategic direction, growth and success of their campaigns. I’m responsible for planning and leading client review meetings, maintaining a proactive and analytical attitude to each account to ensure that all opportunities are being maximised, whilst driving the delivery team to deliver the best possible outcomes. My ultimate objective is to deliver continuous revenue growth from my retained accounts.

Fran Hall

A little bit of background info:

My career originally started in Events Management, working for one of the UK’s most well known TV chefs. Throughout my time in Events, I attended studied and graduated from Exeter University, that was where I developed my love and passion for sales and the impact that can have on businesses. Outside of my duties at Air, I would describe myself as a self-confessed sweet addict and can probably name all the different varieties of Pick n Mix!

A little bit about your current role:

I joined Air in 2018 as a Business Development Executive where I quickly fell in love with the people and the culture. I had an instant realisation that not only is this is a company incredibly adaptable and high performing, but a company that really cares about its staff.

At Air, I’ve been lucky enough to receive some amazing opportunities very early on in my career. From an Account Executive to a Sales Team Leader. My exposure to these roles has allowed me to develop my understanding of the business and given me the experience I need to succeed in my current role.

As an Account Manager, I develop and maintain relationships with our clients, holding the ultimate responsibility for their campaigns’ strategic direction, development, and performance. As well as being responsible for organising and holding client review meetings, maintaining a constructive and analytical approach to each account to ensure that all possibilities are maximised, and guiding the delivery team to provide our clients with the best possible results.

Wesley Lubbe

Marco Alfano-Rogers

A little bit of background information:

Having grown up in Guildford, we made the decision to move to Devon after years of wanting to be near the coast, and starting my career in Exeter seemed to be the best option.

With a plan to study International Business at University, I soon realised that fast-tracking my career and focusing on real-life experience was going to be the best option for me, and so, I entered the world of Sales and Marketing at the age of 20, joining Air Marketing soon after my 21st birthday.

A little bit about your current role:

Having joined Air Marketing in the Business Development Team (2016), I worked my way up through multiple roles within the business, including Account Management, Sales Team Manager and Client Services Director where at the time, I managed our entire delivery operation which consisted of 4 Account Directors and 40 Business Development Executives.

In January 2020, I moved into my current role as Sales Director as part of the Senior Leadership Team, responsible for onboarding new clients and working with Account Management to build high performing outbound strategies and since, my role has transitioned into a more strategic function, sitting across both our Sales and Marketing departments. I ensure that the entire New Business department collectively hit targets across the board, incorporating both services levels and managing both our inbound and outbound channels.

Neil Clarke

A little bit of background information:

Across various roles I now have over two decades of sales and business development success in providing supply-chain solutions and marketing execution to brands and agencies. I like to understand client requirements, strategy and business models in-depth in order to provide valuable insight and commercially beneficial recommendations. Coaching people and developing teams is something I am hugely passionate about, so I hope to add to the already brilliant positive business culture that Air Marketing has. I can’t think of much that is more fulfilling than sharing and celebrating other peoples’ success.

On a personal level, I picked up the running bug by accident and since then have completed some half marathons and ultra-distance events. I also have a passion for music and have played the drums all my life – they’ve taken me on many great adventures with bands, some of which I can talk about!

A little bit about your current role:

As Commercial Director, I am responsible for controlling Air’s top line, taking a strategic approach to revenue growth, sales and marketing and Air’s service offerings. Working closely with Owen and the leadership team, I’m focussed on delivering a step-change in customer experience, building trust and creating long-term customer relationships. Air’s culture reflects my own values, I’m excited to seize new opportunities, bring a fresh perspective and see how far we will go.