Is there still a place for telemarketing within your digital focused marketing mix?

For those sales and marketing teams who have focused their effort and budget solely on digital channels, it may seem like telemarketing is an old forgotten art no longer needed. But this isn’t the case. Telemarketing proves to be a very effective tool when used as part of your integrated marketing mix – assisting you to close more B2B sales than you might think.

Assisting not replacing marketing activity

Integrating marketing activity is where you will see results. In the past, telemarketing was used to speak to as many prospects as possible, generating as many leads as possible, in many cases no matter the quality. Today this simply doesn’t work.

Combining marketing activity across different user touchpoints has proved to be more effective in converting leads and closing deals compared to using just a single channel. With the increasing use of email campaigns, junk mail is common – how can you guarantee your email will be read or even opened. If your email is read, can you be sure if the user understood it, found it relevant or even slightly considered your product/service – can you guarantee that they would get in touch with you to talk more?

This is where telemarketing can have an impact. Following up on emails, nurturing a customer through the journey provides a very real touchpoint with your customer. Understanding their views on the product/service, apprehensions, questions, or reasons why it wouldn’t be suitable. This very personal interaction opens up the conversation, provides you insight into your market and nurtures relationships which may not convert immediately but will build the pipeline for the future.

Where to start?

Data and your message is going to be the most important place to start. Refined data gets you to the right person quicker, saving time and, therefore, money which will see you make more of your investment. Once you reach that person its all about the message. But making sure that the message is joined up across your marketing mix is vital. Your email campaign should have the same message as you are intending to discuss on the call with them, this repetition of a core message will resonate with prospects giving more brand clarity.

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