What qualities make the ‘perfect’ telemarketer

Selecting the right telemarketer for your campaign is vital, get this wrong and you’ll see potential leads deteriorate, your business reputation plummet and you’ll miss the full potential of ROI.

At Air Marketing Group, we know that quality telemarketers are worth their weight in gold. They can draw from their experience and personal qualities to ensure your campaign gets results.

However, what qualities make these people so vital to your campaign?

It’s obvious, a telemarketer can’t sell if they’re unable to absorb the fundamentals of your product or service

The ‘perfect’ telemarketer will be adaptable, working across a variety of client accounts and multiple sectors, drawing experience and implementing it to different campaigns. A great telemarketer will be self-managed and fast progressing when becoming familiar with your campaign. They will have the ability to research and retain important campaign information, building a strong rapport between your business and your prospects. Taking the time to fully plan the strategy behind your telemarketing campaign will ensure that your campaign team are working towards the same goal, communicating the same message and focusing on meeting your KPI’s.

It’s time to kill the urban myth ‘a great telemarketer sells due to their ability to talk a lot’

A successful telemarketer listens and, more importantly hears and understands. It’s easy to get lost in that ‘parrot fashion script’ telling a prospect what you think they want to hear. However, the key is to engage in a two-way conversation. The ‘perfect’ telemarketer will listen, hear the prospects needs, situation and pain points, then focus on this information to lead the conversation. They will have the ability to think on their feet and change their delivery of a script to recommend the right solution for the prospect.

Telemarketers are tactful

In the telemarketing game you must be able to make smart decisions, getting tactful in order to get past the gatekeepers. Asking the right questions is something that can be learnt but being respectful and asking permission to ask those personal questions when engaging with prospects is a quality that a great telemarketer will already possess. Being progressive, ambitious and a good communicator across any level of person are key qualities of the ‘perfect’ telemarketer.

Mind over matter

Telemarketers hear a lot of no’s. If they’re right for the position they will have a high level of resilience, understanding rejection isn’t personal, and continuing to possess a courteous nature even when their proposition is turned down. The ‘perfect’ telemarketer has a positive mental attitude that every business strives to harbour.

Benefit from telemarketing

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